The city's 2006 Comprehensive Plan -- a key document -- is being amended and we will be asked to comment. The current plan is a telephone book-sized document with policy statements about everything from development to education and the arts.

Here are four changes that I proposed. They cover issues that have come up repeatedly in our SMD meetings over the years.

They call for more plantings on main streets, including Georgia Avenue; an independent planning commission; improving the way parking is provided for new projects; and reducing the overconcentration of licensed group homes in some neighborhoods as well as giving us more information about licensed group homes before they locate.

The Office of Planning (OP) is currently culling through the 200+ proposals they received from the public and will release their own draft on September 4. The public, including ANC 4B, have 60 days to comment. OP's final draft will then go to the Council for adoption.

OP will hold a public meeting (now set for September 22, place TBA) to explain their draft.

Here are the links to my four proposals: 1, 2, 3, 4
To see the 200+ others that were submitted, including many from other ANCs, click on "Comp Plan Amendment Cycle Matrix of Proposed Amendments" that is printed in red in the middle of the page at the OP's website

ANC 4B can add other ideas in its recommendations. Please share your comments with me, including what other amendments should be proposed. I will hold an SMD meeting on the Comprehensive Plan in September and hope that ANC 4B will vote on this issue in October.