Recently, there has been an upsurge in the street robberies in the areas near and around the Takoma Park Metro Station and the feeder streets to include the Eastern Avenue corridor in the area near Metro.

Victims are being accosted by the suspect(s) while walking home from the Metro. The suspects are exiting from a dark colored possibly Ford
Crown Victoria with tinted windows, approaching victims, brandishing handguns and demanding the victim’s property.

The suspects are described as follows:

Suspect one: Black male, approximately 23 years old with a low/faded haircut, last seen wearing a black baseball cap, white T-shirt, blue
skinny jeans and dark-colored tennis shoes.

Suspect two: Black male - no further description.

Suspect Vehicle: An older black sedan, possibly a Ford Crown Victoria or Grand Marquis, sitting low to the ground.

Takoma Park Police Department and the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Detective Units are working collaboratively to solve
these crimes. Several similarities between Takoma Park and the Metropolitan Police Department cases have been made regarding the
suspects and the vehicle being used during the armed robberies.

After committing the robberies, the suspects are fleeing the area toward Washington, D.C. and toward Montgomery County, MD. In reviewing some MPD reports and Takoma Park Police reports; in all incidents, the suspects are armed with handguns and have threatened to harm the victims if they fail to comply with the robber’s demands. In at least one MPD case, the victim was shot during the robbery. This initiative will increase the flow of information across the borders and into the community - such as suspect lookout information in a timely manner. The joint effort will enhance officers’ chances of apprehending suspects in a more expeditious manner.

There has been an upsurge in auto thefts throughout Takoma Park as well. Several Chrysler minivans have been stolen during the night time
hours. Thieves are stealing the vehicles that don’t have any anti-theft devices, such as steering wheel clubs and/or alarm systems.
The Takoma Park Police Department encourages all citizens to register their vehicles in the Watch Your Car Program. That program was detailed in a prior e-mail dated June 21, 2011. You can contact the Community Outreach Program coordinator by phone: 301-891-7121 or by email: for more information about vehicle theft prevention, or any other advice for securing homes, vehicles and outdoor property.

To better serve the community with building a strong and cohesive partnership with our allied law enforcement community, the Takoma Park Police and the Metropolitan Police Department have agreed to combine resources and develop a unified operational plan, which includes the use of plainclothes units to conduct surveillance and other police operations in the areas mentioned to identify and apprehend criminals who are caught committing the armed robberies and the auto thefts.

As Chief of the Takoma Park Police Department, I am committed to protecting the citizens of Takoma Park and their property.

I am asking that if you suspect a crime is about to occur or you witness anything that looks suspicious, please call us at 301.270.1100
or dial 911.

You can now use your cell phone to send a tip to the Takoma Park Police Department and remain 100% anonymous.

* Text to 847411

* Type TPPDTIP at the beginning of your message.

* Type your message including as much detail as possible to ensure that your tip is thoroughly investigated.

* Send your tip, knowing that you are helping to reduce crime in your community while remaining 100% anonymous.

You can also now send a tip using the Takoma Park Police Department's Facebook page. In the left hand column you will find a link to "submit a tip." Your tip is important and CAN make a difference!

If you see a crime in progress and need to contact the Takoma Park Police, please call 301-270-1100. If you need to report an emergency
that involves the need for fire or rescue services, you must call 9-1-1.

Catherine E. Plevy
Executive Assistant
Public Information Officer (PIO)
Office of the Chief of Police
7500 Maple Avenue
Takoma Park, Maryland 20912
(301) 891-7142