Notes: October 22, 2009 Meeting - Ft. Stevens Recreation Center

Walter Reed Army Hospital Development


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1.  DC will get 62.5 out of about 113 acres, a rough rectangle with boundaries along Aspen, Georgia and Dahlia St., NW.  Some of this land may go to public-benefit use determined through a Notice of Intent (NOI) process open to public and nonprofit organizations.


2.  Many of the existing old buildings will be determined to be historic structures and will be slated for adaptive reuse.


3.   There will be a public planning process, including market studies, to use the land and a Small Area Plan will be developed that will go to the DC City Council for approval.  There will be many public meetings.


4.   Land will not transfer until it is certified to meet environmental standards.  There is a considerable amount of hazardous waste on the site and it is the Army's responsibility to clean it up.


5.   There will be a city-sponsored "fair" to make certain that DC businesses understand what they need to do to get the contracts associated with the project.


6.    The DC government is beginning a major transportation analysis to improve services to the site.


7.     The new fire station slated for the corner of Aspen and Georgia could move to another part of the 60-acre DC site.




1.  Nov. 13, Building #11, 9 am - Noon:  Meeting for nonprofits who want to participate in the NOI (see #1).  This could include homeless shelter groups, arts and museum organizations, park programs, schools, etc.  Deadline to apply is Jan. 6.


2.  On Sept. 15, 2011 at midnight "all functions must cease" if they are related to the hospital's core mission.  An 80 person caretaker and emergency (fire services) crew will remain on the site.


3.   Environmental remediation could take until 2012, depending on conditions.




---  Sara Green, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner 4B01